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The superheroes of Marvel and DC comics are household names that have been beloved for generations. Everybody knows the iconic comic book superheroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman (she is one of our favorites!), Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and too many others to name…

But did you know there are many other smaller comic publishers we call independents? We could fill this entire page just listing their names! From the big indies—Dark Horse, Image, and Valiant—to the “little guys,”—so small they operate out of garages and basements—independent comics are as vital to the culture of comics books and comic art as either Marvel or DC.

Here we present to you a small sample of some of the amazing small press, independent and underground comics we have on hand at Pop Culture Collectables South!

Feast your eyes on Tank Girl #1 signed and inscribed by the tanker herself, the great Lori Petty!

For the Jim Lee fans of the comic world (and who doesn’t love Mr. Lee’s work?) we have a signed copy of Malibu Sun #15, featuring his very own team-up creation: the WildC.A.T.S.!

Last and ANYTHING but least, the copper age-loving eye will see a gorgeous, near-mint, SIGNED copy of the legendary Caliber Presents #1! Signed and dated by the immortal Tim Vigil, this extreme indie KEY ISSUE contains the very first appearance of The Crow! In the world of independent comics, there are very few more important key issues. With a reboot of this cult classic movie in the works, high-grade copies of this book are skyrocketing in value, and we are the proud curators of not one but TWO examples!

Remember, without independent comics there would be no The Walking Dead (GASP!), and no Spawn, and who wants to live in a world without either? This handful of beautiful books represents a tiny fraction of the small and independent press issues we have on hand. So, stop in to our store today and take a look for yourself!


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