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The famous M&M candies we all know and love popped onto the market in 1941 out of Newark, New Jersey. These candies were officially named after their co-creators, Forrest Mars & Bruce Murrie (M&M).

Covering the milk chocolate center with a hard sugar coating was an innovation that spawned the famous tagline, “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.” World War II began soon after this breakthrough and the chocolatey morsels were then exclusively sold to the U.S. military. These tiny candies acted as a part of a soldier’s ration. Because of its hard candy shell, M&Ms wouldn’t instantly melt in warmer climates such as the Pacific. Once the war ended in 1945, it began its public debut and could be enjoyed by anyone who wanted to indulge in this sweet treat.

The company soon created a much larger franchise in 1954 when it introduced the peanut M&M. In an early commercial, two M&M candies–one plain and one peanut–dove into a pool of chocolate.

Ever since their digital debut the M&M fan base has grown in all parts of the world. There is a huge range of collectible items marketed through Mars, Inc. These items can stretch from being a typical candy dispenser to a pair of sneakers that you wear everyday. Come into our location and check out the assortment of M&M collectibles that we have to offer!


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