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Did you know?

Coca-Cola’s original formula was actually created as a prototype for pain relief by John Pemberton, a former colonel in the Confederate Army, in 1866.

Since the first production of Pemberton’s formula, Coca-Cola’s popularity has become a world-wide phenomenon. The Coca-Cola Company has ranked #3 in Best Global Branding following Apple & Google. Coke is sold in practically every country across the globe, with its consumers drinking approximately 1.8 billion company beverages each day.

Since the rise of the Coca-Cola Company, Its memorabilia have been sought. Coke memorabilia have sold for $4.5 million for a 1893 World’s Fair soda fountain; $140,000 for an early 20th century glass globe with the Coke logo on it; and a gum advertisement piece that sold for more than $55,000 in October of 2013.

Though we may not have a collectible worth $55,000, we do carry an assortment of beautiful Coca-Cola items. Our selection includes everything from holiday decor to plush items and a good amount of vintage novelty and so much more! Hurry in to get first dibs because these items are already flying off the shelves! Also be sure to check out our eBay page to find other great Coca-Cola collectibles as well.

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