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In January of 1968, American toy maker Mattel introduced Hot Wheels, a die-cast toy car that comes in 1:64, 1:431:18 and 1:50 scale models. Many automobile manufacturers have allowed Hot Wheels to make scale models of their cars, using original design blueprints and detailing.

Hot Wheels were originally intended for kids but have become popular with adult collectors.  Now there are Limited Edition models created specifically for collectors.

People collect the original Red Lines, Treasure Hunts, new castings and everything in between. All of the “Original Sweet 16” Hot Wheels models were based on actual customized vehicles. The first several years of Hot Wheels cars had red lines on their tires; they’re known as the Red Line Series, and collectors often pay much more for them than subsequent models.

Hot Wheels cars can sell for less than original retail to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  The highest price paid for a Hot Wheels car was close to $70,000 in 2000.  It was a pre-production version of a Volkswagen Beach Bomb, a VW Microbus with a pair of surfboards poking out of the rear window.

Here at Pop Culture Collectables we have a huge selection of Hot Wheels cars, both old and new.

Come check out our selection and see what you can add to your Hot Wheels collection!


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